Taxi share (group transfers) in Sri lanka.
Up to 5 times cheaper comparing to taxi.
Kalutara, Waskaduwa
16 $
Beruwala, Bentota
16 $
Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna
21 $
Weligama, Mirissa
21 $
Dikwella, Tangalle
26 $
The above fare are per person, from the Airport.
You can order the transfer to any destination in the form below.

Terms & Conditions

Arrival time to your destination is hard to estimate due to varying amount of people and passenger drop-offs on the way.
Departure time from the airport is set and remains unchangeable (Usually it takes around 1hr to pass the Customs and collect your Luggage).

If the trip ENDS IN THE AIRPORT, time mentioned in the list is VEHICLE'S ARRIVAL TIME TO THE AIRPORT.
Departure times from Hotels/Guesthouses/Villas is hard to estimate due to varying amount of people and passenger pickups on the way.
Arrival time to the airport is set and remains unchangeable (We suggest to be in the airport at least 2hrs before your flight).

For intercity transfers (excluding Airport) Arrival/Departure times may change due to varying amount of people and passenger drop-offs on the way.

  • One seat in the vehicle - 1 Person + 1 Luggage (Please put your hand luggage under the seat or keep it close-by).
  • Kids of any age are considered adult.
  • We ENSURE that every passenger will reach their Hotel/Requested Drop-Off point.
  • We ENSURE that every passenger will be picked up from their Hotel/Requested Pick-up point.

VAT/TAX/Highway Fees are included in the final rate.

If you did not find the suitable transfer you can place a request for the transfer. We are collecting the information from all of the potential travelers and making the best route to fulfill as much requests as possible. As soon as we get at least 6 travel fellows we will send you the payment notification. After all of the passengers complete the payment, your transfer will be confirmed. In case if something go wrong, we will refund the payment within 24 hours.

Unfortunately we did not allow passengers with big-size baggage like Surfboard & Kite-board. Sorry.


What is considered a «group»?

The average price is calculated based on a group of 4 passengers. In this way we can split the cost effectively and provide an individual rate per passenger.

How long do I need to wait for the confirmation?

We suggest to make a request for a group transfer as early as possible so there is enough time for other passengers to join you on this particular date/time.

What if there are less than 4 people?

If there are only a couple of requests 10 days prior to the transfer date, we automatically create a group and recalculate the rate. In the next 5 days we are waiting for all participants to confirm the rate. As soon as the rate is mutually agreed by all parties we send you a link to the payment gateway where you can make a deposit. After successful payment from all parties we create a finalized transfer and send a confirmation vouchers.

For how long is the payment link active?

Payment link is active for 5 days. We give you 5 days to settle the bill, 72 hours before the transfer the payment must be finalized. If in 72 hours before the initial transfer date/time payments are not confirmed - the group is disbanded, any payments are refunded.

How will I recognize the driver?

The driver will meet you with a meeting card in the Arrivals section. (For safety reasons we will inform the participants what will be written on it). In any case after receiving your luggage you will enter the big hall with a lot of people there.

What to do if I don’t find the driver?

Your voucher will clearly state the meeting time/place where the transfer will commence. If we have passengers from different flight, you will need to wait a little bit in the Arrivals sections (there are seats there). In any case please do not hesitate to give us a call on the numbers mentioned in your transfer voucher.

Will I get straight to my booked hotel?

Of Course! All of our Group Transfers are made to make sure to deliver you directly to/from your hotel. Our drivers have the layout of the trip as well as all the addresses with phone numbers.

My flight departure is at xx:xx, at what time shall I make a request for a taxi?

In the form you just need to mention your flight departure time and flight number. We automatically calculate your time of departure from the hotel including possibilities of other people joining you. Time is calculated precisely for you to reach airport 2 Hours prior to departure. In reality you will be in the airport 2.30 hrs before the flight.

Why after placing my order, the departure time of a transfer changes?

There are several reasons for that:

  1. In case you are ordering a transfer to the Airport, we need to make sure that the group is assembled within +/-2 hours from your requested time.
  2. In case if you are ordering a transfer to airport our main priority is to deliver all our passengers on time before the flight. We need to adjust the departure times accordingly including all the stops on the way.
  3. In case if there are passengers who need to be dropped on the way to your destination, we need to add extra time for hotel routes.
  4. In case you are ordering a transfer from the Airport, we need to make sure that the group is assembled within +/-2 hours from your arrival time. In any case you won't be waiting for more than 2 hrs.

Shall I trust your company?

Airport Taxi is a new project launched by We live and work in Sri-Lanka since 2009. We care about our reputation and company image, during all these years there was not a single complaint!